{October 1, 2013}   Why do you write?

I recently posed the question, “Why do you write?” to my writer’s group.  Everyone writes for different reasons, but I wanted to encourage my group to examine themselves deeply.  Be honest for one paragraph.  I don’t want to know how long a person has been writing, I want to know why they write today.  I believe that as writers, if we can answer that question, we can fuel ourselves into our next story.  My answer is as follows:

I write to feel alive.  I write to indulge in a world that is different from the reality that I live.  I write so that I do not have to fully grow up.  It is a responsible way to evade responsibility.  I write to put words together in a way that no one else can.  I write to explore the inner sanctuary of my own mind.  I have the ability and the confidence to share life through words.  I am a writer.  


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