{October 29, 2013}   Halloween Writing Contest

I decided to try my hand a Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloween Writing Contest

You have to write a story in 100 words or fewer using the words spooky, black cat and cackle.

Here is my attempt.

Sweetie’s Scary Night

Sweetie always hid on trick-or-treat night.

Tonight, Sweetie crawled under the stairs of the front porch.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” Mouse gruffed.

“I’m hiding from the spooky little people and their bags of weapons.”  Sweetie trembled.

Sweetie and Mouse could hear footsteps on the porch.

Mouse frowned at his uninvited guest.  Under his leaves, he pulled out a hat.  “I’ll get you my pretty,” Mouse cackled.

Sweetie shrieked and leapt onto the porch.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  A black cat!” A goblin, a witch and a superhero threw their bags and ran away.

Sweetie smiled and took their weapons.


Short, sweet, and funny! :0)

cherylsec says:

This is really cute! Sweetie and Mouse make a good team. 🙂 And I like the ending. Clever. Great job!

Grannymar says:

Trick or treat weapons! How clever. Sweetie did well after all.

Joanna says:

Pithy. Love the name, Sweetie!

Pithy – great word. Thanks.

A good tricky treatment! 🙂

Great job on your story, Mocha! I was trying to guess what Sweetie might turn out to be – (I was guessing tarantula so I was wrong!) Love that a cat went to hide out with a mouse for protection 🙂 and then he ended up scaring the people he was afraid of my accident 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the contest!

Thank you so much! This was a lot of fun.

I love the names Sweetie and Mouse! Cute story.

Weapons! Ha! Well done, Sweetie! (and you, too!)

Sweetie sounds like a cutie 🙂 Pretty good plan to confiscate the candy- er, weapons!

Fun! And surprising. Good for Sweetie!

Great story…lots of suspense…poor cold Mouse and Sweetie…but now they have lots of sweeties.:)

Very cute and with a surprise!

Haha, I’ll get you, my Sweetie!

Sweetie is not so sweety, huh? very cute!

Lynn. Likkel says:

Great story. Loved it!

Great story. And welcome back to blogging! I look forward to reading more from you!

Thank you very much. I always find your blog very inspiring.

Ooh, a sweet and scared yet feisty little kitty!

Especially those lollipops… serious weapons indeed! We’re talkin’ major bonk on the head with those. 😉

People love cats. There are so many stories about cats. Love your take on it.

Thanks for entering Susanna’s contest. 🙂

I like the idea of animals misinterpreting those sacks of candy as something else.

Cute! You kept us guessing until Sweetie’s identity was revealed!

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