{October 30, 2013}  
Ready to Write!

Ready to Write!


{October 29, 2013}   Halloween Writing Contest

I decided to try my hand a Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloween Writing Contest

You have to write a story in 100 words or fewer using the words spooky, black cat and cackle.

Here is my attempt.

Sweetie’s Scary Night

Sweetie always hid on trick-or-treat night.

Tonight, Sweetie crawled under the stairs of the front porch.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” Mouse gruffed.

“I’m hiding from the spooky little people and their bags of weapons.”  Sweetie trembled.

Sweetie and Mouse could hear footsteps on the porch.

Mouse frowned at his uninvited guest.  Under his leaves, he pulled out a hat.  “I’ll get you my pretty,” Mouse cackled.

Sweetie shrieked and leapt onto the porch.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  A black cat!” A goblin, a witch and a superhero threw their bags and ran away.

Sweetie smiled and took their weapons.

{October 1, 2013}   Why do you write?

I recently posed the question, “Why do you write?” to my writer’s group.  Everyone writes for different reasons, but I wanted to encourage my group to examine themselves deeply.  Be honest for one paragraph.  I don’t want to know how long a person has been writing, I want to know why they write today.  I believe that as writers, if we can answer that question, we can fuel ourselves into our next story.  My answer is as follows:

I write to feel alive.  I write to indulge in a world that is different from the reality that I live.  I write so that I do not have to fully grow up.  It is a responsible way to evade responsibility.  I write to put words together in a way that no one else can.  I write to explore the inner sanctuary of my own mind.  I have the ability and the confidence to share life through words.  I am a writer.  

et cetera